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A month in the merde – what it’s like joining the Lib Dems!

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

By Liam Quinn

I recently joined the Liberal Democrats, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it so far. Be it Twitter barbs against people who pray for our extinction at the next General Election, or merely pointing out what a huge impact we’ve actually had in just 2 years, being a Liberal Democrat can be a tonne of fun!  (Editor: You should probably use Ton incase you get wrong of John Hemming) Since leaving the Conservatives (for reasons you can read about here) I have been made to feel very, very welcome in my new political home.

Since arriving, I have received personal messages from senior Liberal Democrats, including regular conversations with the superbly impressive Tim Farron. It would be fantastic to see more politicians involved with Twitter like Tim. I was inundated with congratulatory messages and warm welcomes from fellow Liberal Democrats on Twitter and Facebook, making a few new friends along the way. Maybe its the fact were a smaller Party in comparison to Labour/Tories, but the Liberal Democrats truly are a tight-knit, friendlier bunch.

A week after joining my shiny yellow membership card turned up with a bucket-load of leaflets and information, including a brief history of the Party and invites to local Liberal Democrat events. We receive weekly emails from senior politicians within the Party, forever asking for our opinion on policies and ideas. I’ve also been invited to a Liberal Youth event, which I sadly cannot attend, as well as crash accommodation for Conference this year. It seems that everybody is as welcoming and engaging as possible.

There are great sub-groups within the Liberal Democrats, including Liberal Reform, a natural home for Orange Book fans and economic liberals alike. But whatever your personal preference, liberty remains our priority.

This piece isn’t meant to act as a recruitment piece, but I hope that they’ll be a few who read it who begin to question if the Party there are in, really is the place for Liberalism. That is the joy of the Liberal Democrats, it doesn’t really matter if you are “left or right-wing” our main aim is to promote liberty, for everybody.

Personally, I’m at a bit of stand-still. Having just finished University I will be looking to join up with Manchester’s Liberal Democrat’s as soon as possible to get out on the streets to let the people know all the good work that the Liberal Democrats have done. I’d also like to look ahead to the future, hopefully working with like-minded people to see if we can come up with a brand new direction for the Party to head into to ensure that we are always progressing.

Oh, and somebody still owes me a meeting with David Laws!

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Interviewing the Party President: Part 4

By George Potter

Tim was due to propose his motion making amendments to the party’s constitution very shortly after the interview session so unfortunately we only had a very short period of time in which to interview him and so we took turns to ask questions.

I recorded the answers Tim gave to my questions but unfortunately I found our my Dictaphone had run out of power just as I went to use it and so I had to use my phone instead. There was a lot of background noise on the recording and, because Tim isn’t a very loud speaker, I’m afraid there are few sections of the interview where I can’t decipher what was said. All of them are fairly brief though so hopefully the following transcript will give you a good idea of what was said: Continue reading

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Interviewing the Party President: Part 3

by Emma Revell

When I saw that Liberal Youth wanted bloggers to interview Tim Farron I was more than a little bit up for it, I got an ‘opportunity’ to interview David Miliband through my university magazine and he turned up quite late so in the end I didn’t get to ask a question at all. I love following Tim on Twitter and it’s fantastic that he takes the time to respond to people on an individual basis so I was definitely interested. ‘Blogger’ isn’t maybe the word for me though, my blog is a site a shout at once a month when some issue has gotten me angry then I forget about it for another three weeks. Luckily I was asked if I’d do it anyway so I couldn’t really say no!

Four folks all asking questions when you only have half an hour – Tim’s a busy guy at the best of times, never mind at Spring Conference with the country’s media watching – doesn’t give you a lot of time to ask your questions but I got to asked two; one that had political significance and related to an article Tim had written in previous day in the Guardian and one that was more about Tim as a person. Continue reading

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Interviewing the Party President: Part 2

by Joshua Dixon

A lot of young people are disappointed with our record on tuition fees, EMA and rising youth unemployment. With this in mind, why should young people turn to the Liberal Democrats as the party for them?

Well, in the end I don’t think there was a particular policy that made me join the Liberal party. It was an approach and I think the reality is that we sometimes forget that it was only actually fashionable and exciting to join the Liberal Democrats for about 10 days in 2010. You know it was pretty nerdy to join us when I joined. You didn’t get any street cred for joining the Liberal party at that time so when you had that little moment when it was we were in danger of believing our own hype. We were this wonderful, idealistic, even though we are idealistic, revolution or movement that somehow let everybody down. We’re not; we are an idealistic movement that is deliberately awkward. Awkward in terms of the establishment and awkward with how we fit in with the popular view and that is still the case. If you’re in the North East being Labour is just something you are, whilst being Tory you wouldn’t even dream of it. Being a Liberal…it takes a bit of imagination and bit of character. Being a Liberal Democrat is being in a party with a bit of imagination and some character and  a party who are idealist, want to make a difference and don’t believe politics should be run by people who pay the most money. Continue reading

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Interviewing the Party President: Part 1

by Andrew Emmerson

Anyone who knows my online persona is likely to understand that between myself and Tim Farron, we are two ends of the liberal microcosm. Our politics tend to clash, but we both want the same end goals. A more liberal society. So I was pleased when Harry Matthews on behalf of Liberal Youth offered myself alongside other youth bloggers the chance to interview Tim, I have to say I jumped at it, hoping I could ask Tim some difficult questions! 

So alongside Emma Revell, George W. Potter and Josh Dixon, in a quiet corner of The Sage in Gateshead, huddled around a table that was clearly too low for us, and with recording devices clearly not at the ready, we managed some sort of constructive question and answer session with Tim. Continue reading

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